The mission of FABA Academy is to groom students for a better career in science whether academia or industry. This requires the all-around development of students from skill development to professional development. Identifying a gap in the existing ecosystem, FABA Academy was officially launched on 19th Feb 2020 with the motive to promote Skill development and professional development among Life Sciences students.

The vision of FABA Academy is to empower students to make informed decisions to pursue a path to a fulfilling career, so they can add value to the existing ecosystem in their unique way. The mission of FABA Academy is to educate and support students as they make informed decisions for their career options, gain valuable experience, develop as professionals, and launch their post-graduation career plans.

FABA Academy has two broad wings, 1. Skill Development, and 2. Professional Development. Skill Development programs focus on honing the Skills required for employability in Pharma and Biotech Industries. It includes Hands-on training courses, Wet Lab Courses, and Dry Lab courses.

FABA Academy has collaborated with industries through GV Connect (Pharma & Biotech), academic institutions (UoH, DRILS, IICT, CCMB, CDFD, NIAB, ABF, etc), and professional bodies like Pharma toppers, Clinnova, VCR Park, BioRx, and Indu’s Academy of Biology and medicine to enable these courses and training programs.

The professional development programs focus on polishing CV and resume writing skills, cover letter writing skills, presentation skills, interview skills, networking skills, science communication, conflict management, and project management training. As part of redefining the role of an educator in the 21st-century FABA academy diversify into faculty enrichment programmes by bringing awareness to the teachers on funding opportunities and tools required for content development for online classes. Hands-on training and webinars are being planned to familiarise faculty with various pedagogical tools for effective teaching.

With the mission to educate the student's community about upcoming career opportunities, webinars are conducted throughout the year. The speakers of these webinars were the experts in their fields and the talks delivered by them focused on the career opportunities, challenges, and strategies to prepare for the jobs in those sectors. We conduct webinars to allow the audience to explore the details of different life sciences industries and to groom themselves into better prospects for getting the jobs.